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Want to know more about Essential Oils?  Well, we need to talk!

Essential oils are awesome!….and I was a huge skeptic of them when I first heard about them. I couldn’t honestly believe that this little bottle of liquid was going to help myself or my family’s health and wellness. So, I started doing my research.

My family had been on a journey of trying to improve our health and wellness. My husband and I have two children and we wanted them to be as healthy as possible, getting lots of exercise, but also seeing their parents living a healthier lifestyle. So, we started doing more active things together as a family, like hiking in our local mountains and riding bicycles. This not only has improved all of our health, but we are closer as family and have thoroughly enjoyed spending time together doing these activities. In our search for a healthier lifestyle we started looking into some all-natural products that would assist us in ridding our bodies and home of toxins. We have never been big medicine consumers, but sometimes it’s just necessary, so if I could find an alternative, all-natural, toxin-free product that would help with whatever situation we needed it for then I was much more incline to use that.
And this is where Essential Oils came in to the picture. I had heard about essential oils by friends posting about them on Facebook or Instagram, but I would just think to myself there’s no way that these products are that powerful. So, I started researching essential oils and then I furthered my research by looking into the different companies that offered them.


What I learned:

  • Essential oils are the oil of the plant from which they were extracted and the “life-blood” of the plant—meaning, the plants need the essential oils to survive. And we can use them to help support our own bodies’ health and wellness.
  • There are many different kinds of essential oils out there, and they all have different benefits and uses.
  • Young Living Essential Oils, for over 20 years, has set the standard for purity and authenticity when it comes to essential oils. Anyone can go visit Young Living’s farms and see this process for themselves.
  • Young Living carefully monitors the production of oils from beginning to end through their unique SEED to SEAL process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil and protecting nature’s living energy in every bottle.
  • After doing all of my research I knew that Young Living Essential Oils was the company I could trust with my family’s health and wellness journey. They truly care about quality!

I have had the opportunity to visit Young Living’s Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah!  It was such an amazing place and I was able to see and participate in the SEED to SEAL process firsthand!  It’s an experience that my husband and I will NEVER forget!!


What Young Living Essential Oils have done for my family:

  • I tend to stress out A LOT…like a lot of moms probably do! Stress Away has been my go-to from my Premium Starter Kit. I keep it in my oil bag in my purse at all times!! It calms me down and relaxes me.
  • DiGize from the Premium Starter Kit has supported a healthy digestive system for all of us. My son tends to get a “nervous belly” especially in the mornings before school so we rub 1 drop of DiGize around his belly button in a clockwise motion (since that’s the direction your digestive system runs) and before he gets out of the driveway his belly calms down.
  • My daughter tends to get her feelings hurt easily, especially by her big brother, so we rub 1 drop of Lemon on her wrists for her to smell periodically and it lifts her spirits and keeps her mood more settled.
  • My husband works in an environment where there are a lot of cubicles and a lot of people…which equals a lot of germs! I rub 1 drop up and down his spine to help keep him healthy. My children always have a drop of Thieves on them before they leave the house. We love Thieves for supporting a healthy immune system! I truly believe that our use of Young Living Essential Oils is what has made our visits to see the doctor much less!!
  • Along with my stress, I also get tension in my shoulders and head, to support this I like to use peppermint.
  • Whenever we cook something that doesn’t smell so great I always run our diffuser with Purification and Lemon in it. It helps to purify the air and give our home an uplifting aroma at the same time.
  • Young Living Essential Oils have done so much more for our family than just what I listed and I would love for you to experience this blessing for your family as well! 





Why Should I Become a Wholesale Member?

This is a wonderfully awesome option that provides you 24% off retail price!  As you use your oils and you share your testimonials with friends and family, you have the option of earning commissions when others join and purchase Young Living products!

Is There a Monthly Order Minimum?

NO!  You can just order what you need when you need it!!

Are You SURE There Are No Monthly Order Requirements?

To retain an active account, you must place one 50pv minimum order per year.  If you miss that deadline you can reactivate your account by calling Young Living Member Services with a 100pv order.

What Kit Do You Recommend That I Get Started With?

The best value and introduction of essential oils is The Young Living Premium Starter Kit. It contains 10 of the most loved and popular essential oils, PLUS a freebie, which happens to be one of my favorites: STRESS AWAY!!! The kit also comes with a diffuser and some other goodies.  Once you purchase the Premium Starter Kit, you automatically become a “wholesale member” which means you will have that 24% discount on all future Young Living orders that we discussed above. You don’t HAVE to order anything else ever, but I promise you, once you start using Young Living essential oils you are going to want to try more of their products!! Plus, if you order your kit with me I love starting my new members off with some of my favorite oily resources that I’ve found to be invaluable, including a $20 Amazon Gift Card so you can order some oily accessories to get you started!! And you will have our group’s support whenever you have any questions or need anything at all!!



This is your step-by-step guide on how to join Young Living Oils:

  1. Click here to enroll.  One of the premium starter kits is the best value!
  2. Select MEMBER so you can get the wholesale discount. {If you select “Retail Customer” you will not receive wholesale pricing, so be sure to click MEMBER!}
  3. You should see my member number in the Sponsor box and the Enroller box: 3137651– If for some reason my number isn’t in these two boxes you can type them in.
  4. Once you click CONTINUE, it will take you to the screen where you will choose your Premium Starter Kit. You can order one of the Essential Reward Kits as well, or skip over that part. Essential Rewards is Young Living’s auto-ship program that is free to sign up for and I will send you information about that later or you can click here to learn about it now!
  6. On this screen you will type in all of your personal information including address and you will create your password and pin, which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils.
  7. The reason you are asked for your SSN is for tax purposes; if you make over $600/year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. Young Living NEVER shares this info with anyone.
  8. Agree to Terms and Conditions.
  9. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER. I have had many folks miss this step and end up not fully checking out. To confirm, the tool will log you in and it will show you your order again and it will make you enter in your payment information again.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out to me!  I’m here to help!!