Get Summer Ready with Young Living Essential Oils Series

Can you believe that summer is just right around the corner?  Even though here in the south it is already feeling very much like summer time with the heat and the kids are already out of school!  I’m sure a lot of you will be traveling this summer, spending lots of time outdoors and by the pool, grilling out with family & friends and just making lots of fun, summertime memories!

In this series I’m going to teach you ideas for using Young Living essential oils & products this summer!  You’re going to learn ways to enjoy the outdoors in the sun, get your feet flip-flop ready, food & drink recipes that are perfect for spending the day by the pool, some summer diffuser recipes, and more!

For the next few days we will be learning all about these summer fun ideas & recipes that you can use all summer long!  See you soon!!

If you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils I would love to help you!  Young Living Essential Oils have done so much for our family and I would love for you to experience this blessing for your family as well!  Just click on this link which will take you to my essential oils page where you can learn more about Young Living and my family’s oily journey.  On that page you will also find a link to order your own Young Living Essential Oils and get started on your oily journey, but if you are ready now to begin this wonderful oily journey here’s my link to get you started:  my Young Living page

Toxic-Free Home Make & Take

Join us and learn how to kick toxic chemicals out of your home and take control of your family’s wellness!  We will show you how to make some simple, non-toxic products that you can use to make your family and home healthier!

Space is limited, so please RSVP and Pre-Pay to reserve your spot!  Cost $8

Here is the link to RSVP & Pre-Pay via Paypal.  Once you put in your information to reserve your spot, the link to pay will pop up!!

We look forward to seeing you all!!!

Summer & Amanda

Winter Make & Take ~ Local Event

Well, just a few short days ago the groundhog saw his shadow so we would like to help you get through the next six weeks of winter by inviting you to our Winter Essentials Make & Take using Young Living Essential Oils.  You will be making some amazing products to pamper yourself during these winter months like a body butter, bath salts, lip balm and sugar scrub. We will have some yummy refreshments for you to enjoy, along with door prizes!

Cost is $8 and if you pre-pay you will receive a Special Gift the day of the Make & Take!

Click this link to RSVP and Pre-pay

We look forward to see you all!!!

National Stress Awareness Day

Did you know?  Today is National Stress Awareness Day.  How many of you have stress? {raising my hand as I type this}


Some of the statistics that I found while researching stress are alarming to say the least!

  • 44% of Americans feel more stressed today than they did 5 years ago {again, me raising hand}
  • 1 in 5 Americans experience “Extreme Stress” ~ shaking; heart palpitations; depression
  • work stress causes 10% of strokes
  • a 60% increase in productivity over the past 20 years plus stagnant wages equals working harder for less $
  • 3 out of 4 doctor visits are for stress related symptoms
  • stress increases the risk of heart disease by 40%; heart attacks by 25% and strokes by 50%
  • 44% of us are losing sleep because of stress

It’s CRAZY!!!  Stress is literally killing us!!  But, there are some things that we can all do to try and lessen our stress.

Tip #1: Figure out your stress triggers.  You may not be able to change the stress triggers in your life, but if you can identify them then you can work on ways to better handle them.

Tip #2: Change how you plan your time.  Make a daily schedule for yourself.  I am loving this planner because I can include so much more than even just my daily schedule in it.  I can write down my goals, and it even has a place for your vision board!!  I like to write my schedule, or to-do list for the day the night before so that as soon as I get up the next day I know exactly what I need to get done.  This automatically makes my day start better which in turn helps me to be less stressed.

Tip #3: Address some of the causes of your stress.  Like I mentioned in tip #1, you can’t always change the stress triggers, but if you can resolve or improve some of the things in your life you may be less stressed.

Tip #4: Try and accept the things you cannot change.  I’ve always said that everything happens for a reason.  Well, even the bad things or not so pleasant things in your life happen for a reason.  So, you are better off and will be way less stressed if you can approach life with the mind set that some things aren’t meant to be stressed about and then that way you can focus your time and energy on more positive things.

Tip #5: EXERCISE! EXERCISE! EXERCISE!!  I’m telling ya, on the days that I do exercise I feel AMAZE-BALLS!!!  You would think that I would have my bootie in the gym every single day as good as I feel afterwards, but sadly I don’t.  I try, but some days are just a little too crazy, but on those crazy days that I can’t make it into the gym I still try to do something active, even if it’s just walking to the mailbox instead of stopping on the way in from my car, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.

Tip #6: Drink LOTS of water!!!  I notice that on days where I don’t constantly have my water bottle with me drinking it all day then I feel worn down and stressed.  Water is amazing for our bodies and we should all drink tons of it!!!  One of my most fav ways to drink my water is by adding Young Living Essential Oils to it.  I especially love adding about 2 drops of Grapefruit essential oil to my water each day.  It tastes amazing and it also helps to curb my appetite, which means I’m not wanting to snack all day on my kiddos’ cookies!


Tip #7: Use Young Living Essential Oils on a daily basis to help assist in lessening your stressful life!  I began on this oily life journey over a year ago primarily when I was searching for a healthy alternative to support my son’s seasonal symptoms.  I had no idea the impact they would end up having on my entire family.  We now all use them every single day.  I constantly have a diffuser running in our kitchen, which seems to always be the most popular place in our house.  In the diffuser I like to diffuse our oils that help support a happy, stress-free environment such as Lavender, Stress Away, Bergamot, Believe, Lemon, Tangerine, Joy. I try to keep at least one of those essential oils or blends in that diffuser running 24/7 to keep our home a positive environment as much as possible!  I also like to make rollerball blends with several different Young Living essential oils together to help support my daily life.  I love using these rollerball bottles.

A couple of my favorite rollerball blends that I’ve made and use DAILY include a “be calm” blend which I used lavender, patchouli, stress away and vetiver in it with our amazing V-6 Carrier oil in it.  The other blend I made is my “happy” blend which includes ylang ylang, orange, lavender, stress away and bergamot.  These 2 rollerball bottles stay with me at ALL times!!!!!!  I recently had some dental work done and I had both of them in my hands the whole time during the procedure applying and sniffing as needed!!! My dentist told me when it was over that I could just leave those with her….she LOVED the smell of them so much!!!!

So, I wanted to offer y’all a little something to help out with everyone’s stress on this National Stress Awareness Day.  For anyone that joins me on this wonderfully, amazing oily journey with the purchase of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit I am going to send you one of my special “Stress Free” blends that I mentioned above in one of my favorite rollerball bottles for FREE!  But, this is TODAY ONLY!!!!  Make sure that you head on over to my essential oils page and learn more about what these amazing essential oils and products can do for you and your family.  At that bottom of that page you will see what all I send to you to get your started on your oily life journey (including one of my special rollerball blends!!!!!!!)…and just know that I don’t just sign you up and then abandon you!  NO, I am always here for you and will be sending you emails, texts, connecting with you via our private facebook groups and we have the most amazing community of oily friends that you can always find the help you need!!!


If you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils I would love to help you!  Young Living Essential Oils have done so much for our family and I would love for you to experience this blessing for your family as well!  Just click on this link which will take you to my essential oils page where you can learn more about Young Living and my family’s oily journey.  On that page you will also find a link to order your own Young Living Essential Oils and get started on your oily journey, but if you are ready now to begin this wonderful oily journey here’s my link to get you started:  my Young Living page


Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils

Ditch the dryer sheets and switch to wool dryer balls with essential oils!!  You won’t be disappointed!!  

How do wool dryer balls work?

Wool dryer balls work by bouncing around in your dryer, lifting & separating the clothing and increasing hot air flow.  This helps to dry your clothes quicker which saves you money on your energy bill.

For a few months now I’ve been on a journey of removing as many harsh chemicals from our home & daily lives as I can.  Fabric sheets are something that I’ve ALWAYS used to soften our clothing, help with having to do less ironing, cut down on the drying time which saves us money on our energy bill.  But, with my research I’ve discovered that they contain very harsh chemicals which stays on the clothing and then is touching your skin all day.  I’m so thankful that I now have these little dryer balls and have ditched those dryer sheets!  I cannot believe how awesome these little wool dryer balls are and how much time they’ve saved me!  My dryer runs probably half the time it used to when I was using dryer sheets.

I love adding a drop or two of our Young Living Essential Oils to each dryer ball.  And I have found a new trick that I’m really excited about and loving.  I put all of my empty lavender essential oil bottles in a glass container with a top and throw in my wool dryer balls when I’m not using them!  My absolute favorite essential oil for laundry has to be Lavender!  This not only gently scents our clothing, but also is another opportunity for my family to receive the therapeutic benefits of Young Living Essential Oils!!  You can read more about Lavender Essential oil here and here!

Where to buy Lavender Essential Oil:

Here’s the link to buy Lavender Essential Oil and any other oils you may be interested in:


Where to buy wool dryer balls:


These are the wool dryer balls that I’ve been using and absolutely LOVE: Wool Dryer Balls

Be prepared to be AMAZED at how quickly they dry and how amazing they feel & smell!!!



If you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils I would love to help you!  Young Living Essential Oils have done so much for our family and I would love for you to experience this blessing for your family as well!  Just click on this link which will take you to my essential oils page where you can learn more about Young Living and my family’s oily journey.  On that page you will also find a link to order your own Young Living Essential Oils and get started on your oily journey, but if you are ready now to begin this wonderful oily journey here’s my link to get you started:  my Young Living page


Palmetto Embroidery Blanket Scarves Giveway

Happy Fall Y’all!!! Blanket Scarves are IN and we are busy getting them priced and in the shop! We will also have several in stock at Patsy’s on Main Street in Downtown Fountain Inn!! Come check them out!!

Blanket Scarves Blanket Scarves
To celebrate the first day of fall and finally some cooler temps 😀 we are doing a giveaway!!
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Palmetto Embroidery Logo

Vanilla Spice Pure Protein Powder

GUESS WHAT???!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Vanilla Spice Pure Protein PowderYoung Living Vanilla Spice Pure Protein Powder be 10% OFF starting TOMORROW (the 14th) through September 16th!!! This protein powder is a fantastic way to welcome Fall with Vanilla Spice Lattes, Protein Bites, smoothies and more! 🍁🍂🍁

Pure Protein Complete is a comprehensive protein supplement that combines a proprietary 5-Protein Blend, amino acids, and ancient peat and apple extract to deliver 25 grams of protein per serving!! 💪

I’m super excited about this! I never seem to get enough protein…I’m one of those that would much rather eat the veggies/fruit!! 😉. This has to be the best protein I have tasted 
I’m going go order a couple of bags of this for myself, let me know if you would like for me to order a bag for you as well! I’ll take care of the shipping!!😀


All About Lavender Essential Oil


All About Lavender

We absolutely LOVE using Young Living Lavender Essential Oil in our home! There are so many uses for Lavender essential oil that some refer to it as the “Swiss Army Knife of Essential Oils.”


Did You Know?

  • It takes 170 pounds of plant material to produce 1 pound of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil
  • You can actually visit Young Living farms and participate in the planting and harvesting. This is part of the Seed to Seal process that you can see with your very own eyes.
  • Lavender is the most adulterated of all essential oils, so it is VERY important to know what you are getting. So, if you have ever smelled Young Living’s Lavender you will notice the difference in aroma immediately!


Some of our favorite ways we use Young Living Lavender Essential Oil in our home:

  • diffuse it, especially at night to calm everyone down for bedtime
  • a linen spray, made with lavender, epsom salt and water
  • added to lemon & peppermint in a rollerball bottle for relief of seasonal symptoms
  • a delicious Honey Lavender Lemonade
  • bath salts for a relaxing bath for mommy
  • skin soother, lavender added to coconut oil for any skin relief..we love this coconut oil
  • if we’ve spent a little to long out in the sun, we add lavender to this fractionated coconut oil and this aloe vera juice to make a spray that is soothing






How do you use Lavender in your home?

If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils you can sign up for our FREE email course where you will receive an email each day for 17 days that will teach you all about the basics of essential oils and our company.  Click the image below to sign up today!

essential oils

If you are ready to begin your oily journey now just click on this link.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!!


Girls Night Out with Essential Oils Make and Take

We will be having a Girls Night Out Make & Take Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30pm located in the private room at Fuddruckers on Woodruff Road, Greenville SC.  We would LOVE for you to join us and come enjoy a fun girls night out while making your own spa products all infused with Young Living Essential Oils.  You will be making 8 different products that you will get to take home with you and enjoy!!  The cost is $20, which is crazy cheap…that’s just $2.50 per recipe!!  All infused with Young Living Essential Oils and they are all toxin free with no chemicals!!  Make & Takes are SO much fun!!  Not only are you enjoying time with your friends and making new friends, but you are also going to be learning about the many benefits of Young Living Essential Oils!  Never used essential oils before?  That’s ok, we are going to show you everything you need to know to make these and enjoy these 8 products!!!!

Bring a friend and receive a special gift!!!  We’ll also have door prizes you can win!!!  Hope to see you there!!!

RSVP by September 10th to be sure you get a spot!  Payment is REQUIRED to reserve your spot.  Follow this link to reserve & pay for your spot:

spa make and take

Learn All About Young Living Essential Oils

essential oils

Have you ever wanted to learn more about essential oils?  I have two FREE resources to help you learn more about essential oils that you can sign up for at the bottom of this page.

I have a FREE email course that you can sign up for.  In this FREE email course you will learn all of the basics about Young Living Essential Oils.  You will learn all about:

  • what essential oils are & where they come from
  • essential oil safety & how to use the
  • why I chose Young Living Essential Oils
  • the basics of our most popular essential oils
  • Young Living essential oil infused products
  • how to start your oily life journey

I also send out a FREE monthly newsletter that you can sign up to receive each month.  In these newsletters you will find:

  • practical uses for essential oils
  • recipes using essential oils
  • diy beauty & personal care products
  • monthly promotions
  • diffuser blends & rollerball bottle blends
  • etc!!

If you would like to learn more right now about essential oils and how to save 24% how to receive FREE products every month then click here.

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