There’s a whole line of Thieves infused home products: LINK

We use many of these everyday in and out of our home.  I always carry a bottle of the Thieves Spray with me in my purse.  I use it to spray down grocery carts, public toilets, even the gas pump handles before I use them.  It’s the perfect size for on-the-go cleaning! (I totally just sounded like a commercial! haha!!)

Thieves Dish Soap is another one of my favorite Thieves infused cleaning products.  Young Living’s products are very concentrated, so we are able to stretch them out for a long time (saving $$$!!!!).  For instance, the Thieves Dish Soap, I pour about a quarter of it into the pump dispenser in the photo below and then fill the rest with water.  I don’t know about you, but I could never make multiple bottles of dish soap from my one bottle of store bought dish soap???  I love that it cleans our dishes without harsh chemicals, dyes or synthetics.  It is infused with Thieves, Bergamot and Jade Lemon Essential Oils so it smells Ah-Mazing!!!

Have you ever looked into what all is in dryer sheets?  They are considered to be one of the most dangerous products used in homes.  The chemicals and fragrances that are in dryer sheets are so toxic.  Those toxins are then transferred to the clothing which then sits on our bodies all day and night.  YUCK!  

I’ve switched to using Wool Dryer Balls and I add lavender essential oil to them.  The wool dryer balls have cut my drying time in half, cuts down on the static and our clothes not only smell amazing, but we are also getting the health benefits from the added essential oils.

Another change I’ve made in my laundry room is switching out our laundry soap.  I had no idea how many toxins are in the products I was using and the worse part is that they were all making my kiddo sicker!  

Just think about it….you are using these products on your clothes, the clothes are literally soaking in these products in the washer and then you and your family are wearing these clothes all day and night long, sitting on your skin, under your nose so you are smelling the horrible fragrances (even though I was the world’s worse thinking “ohhhh, this detergent smells so yummy!!)   Again, YUCK!!

And again, with Young Living products, they are all concentrated so we stretch our ONE bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap to THREE!!  Ah-Mazing! And hello, money saver!!

Now for the MOTHER of ALL cleaners!!!!  My BFF of all cleaning products of my life….Thieves Household Cleaner

Y’all, when I say that we clean everything in our home with this one product, I SERIOUSLY mean we clean EVERYTHING with it!! 

I love that now when I clean my house I’m doing it without any dangerous or synthetic ingredients. (Side note: this stuff also smells amazing!!!!) 

And, I’m helping my family stay healthy because Thieves is THE Immune Support Oil!!!!!

I surely don’t want to be sick or have my family get sick.  Ain’t nobody got time for that, right??  

I swapped all of the toxic products on the left for the ONE bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner on the right!!

So, my question for you is:

Who wants to use these amazing cleaning products in their home?

Who wants to start making their family’s immune system stronger just by cleaning?

I’m here for ya girl!! 

I have an amazing community of amazing people that come along with saying yes to these amazing oils and products!  (Whoa, that was a lot of “AMAZINGS”!!)

When you order your starter kit with me I’m going to send you some happy mail full of awesome resources to get you started using your kit, and that community of amazing people I mentioned…I’ll get you added to our facebook groups where we learn SO much!

This Gorgeous Spray Bottle is a gift from me to you when you start your oily journey.

And, I’m giving you this GORGEOUS spray bottle to add your Thieves Household Cleaner packet to that’s going to come in your starter kit!!!!! 

So, if you’ve been thinking about introducing oils to your lives and want to have a healthier home for your family I would love to help you!!! 

Click below to order your kit:

If you have any questions at all before ordering, please don’t hesitate to email me at:

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