I love energy drinks!  I mean, REALLY love energy drinks!!  I have tried almost all of them on the market. It seems that most will give me a quick pick-me-up and then I crash. I also can’t stand the after-taste I get from them.

That is until I found the perfect energy combo. I drink a Young Living Zyng with a tube of Nitro in it.  Now, I don’t get any shakes or jitters and I don’t get any kind of pre-workout drink headache!

It tastes great and gives me the energy and focus to get through my workouts.  It’s now my go-to Pre-Workout drink!  I always drink one 15 minutes before my weight-training and one before I do martial arts.

Young Living ZYNG and Nitro

You don’t want to cheap out on your body or your workout.  I have included some information from Young Living.

Young Living Ningxia Zyng:

Zyny Nutrition Facts













Young Living Ningxia Nitro:

Nitro Supplement Facts




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